Lead and Traffic Generation

... the customer of our partner are the leads of tomorrow.

Lead and Traffic Generation

Prizes is a competitive platform for lead and traffic generation. Leads are shared by our own means of communication and several partners.

Without any effort, you will profit from the leads of all partners without revealing your own database. Only the current participants of a campaign are shared.

Prizes can not only be used to generate digital leads, but also to reward potential customers with instant prices, where they can be directly approached when collecting the prize in the shop.

Use Prizes to incentivize and acquire new owners for your loyalty card, loyalty is an important factor in your customer relationship and we can help you with that.

Generate traffic on your website or social media by linking them to incentives.


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Visitors in 2018

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Generated leads in 2018

345 823

Email sent  in 2018


Each partner communicates a contest in his own channels and templates. The organic range of your own customers can be used without additional effort. HOW IT WORKS



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